Gamcore Beta

Gamcore website update with new design and features.
We are curious about how new website is working on any browser or any platform like iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, Firefox, Chrome, Puffin etc.
Please try it, test it, and report any bugs, errors!
We really appreciate your help.
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I like!

New black design for is awesome!
Gamcore, 02.07.2019, 22:42
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On iOS, you can’t zoom in/out in games.

Normally you could just pinch and move your fingers to zoom in and out, but this time the game itself is stuck, and you can’t change how its zoom is.
KyrieEleison335, 18.10.2019, 21:12
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It stop at beginning saying a bug,

It stop after the system tell me the roles of the game, I didn't start even to play just the intro
Abdo TiTo, 16.11.2019, 23:58
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7 votes Vote

water world v0.18

all the scenes sex freeze and now , with this new version, the game is freeze on loading screen, it's say "all the dowloads complete" and nothing happen, staying like this and black screen.
scarlet, 06.12.2019, 12:14
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Please Update The Game Taffy Tales

Gamcore currently has Taffy Tales v0.11.2c uploaded. This can be seen in the link here: But the new version (v0.14.3b) has been released. When you get the chance, please update this game on your site.
TheGrandMaster, 15.01.2020, 22:37
3 votes Vote

game has encountred a bug

cannot read property addRect of undefined thats what its say in treasure of nadia last update v 0.16012
Jacob, 16.01.2020, 14:01
3 votes Vote

Naughty Lyanna(bug)

The game consistently freezes at the alley scene, no matter what you do.
Dootstorm, 14.12.2019, 09:07
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2 votes Vote

the ads are blocking the content

this makes it hard to see the site content
john, 07.01.2020, 18:45
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Treasure of Nadia does not load at all.

Games not loading or freezing during play. Unfortunately this seem s to be the new normal on this site. This site used to have the latest games first and they played. Joined Patreon because of this site. However this site is becoming like...
Anonononon, 18.01.2020, 03:06
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RPG maker games do not load on Firefox

On the tested games (a new dawn, treasure of nadia normal and compact version, manila shaw, zombies retreat, harshville, etc) failed to load on Firefox (72.01 64bit) and showed either "Type Error this._rendered is null" or...
LalalalaLong, 29.01.2020, 07:53
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Error resolution

since the last update of the site was made, the resolution of the webgames is incorrect for the android mobile and all the elements are compressed in the window
Andrea, 10.02.2020, 17:27
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A Wife and Mother *ERROR*

Game freezes during guitar lesson with Sam.
Grimm, 20.02.2020, 01:01
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i wont show ways to recover password

cant load password recovery
sylas, 30.01.2020, 02:43